No church has had greater impact on New City Church through the years than Soma Church in Tacoma, WA. We are forever indebted to the leaders of Soma for modeling for us what true, faithful discipleship looks like in the local church. Up until now we have only sought to use Soma as an example and encouragement for how we disciple and live as the Body of Christ. However, as we constantly seek to live and serve more faithfully it seems that it would be wise of us to take steps to join more closely and identify with Soma Church in a more intimate way. Conversations have already been initiated to explore the possibilities of New Church Church becoming part of Soma Church in Anderson, SC. Please look over the distinctives found in the above link and put March 3 on your calendar. Tommy Rutledge from Soma Asheville will be with us to discuss more about Soma Church and its mission and vision.


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