My holy, sovereign, transcendent Father, please honor your name in my life and through my life today as You cause Your kingdom rule and dominion to grow and expand until all the earth is filled with Your glory as the waters cover the sea. May my life be the vessel through which You continue Your work in creation to bring life on earth into ever increasing likeness to life as it is in heaven until finally in the day of Your return the two are reconciled and all things are made new.

Today would you provide for me the resources needed to represent You faithfully and help me to trust your definition of  “needed” and help me to be satisfied and overjoyed with what you chose to provide. Because I am forgiven and my debt against You has been cancelled may forgiveness flow through me to those who have and who may wrong me today.

And Father, the evil one will seek to ambush me today by using my own lusts and propensity to sin to fan the flames of my love for self-worship. Christ, intercede for me the way you did for Peter that I may not fall into temptation and after I have resisted in the power which You provide use me to encourage my brothers.

My King, enable my heavenly eyes to see beyond the counterfeit, deceptive treasures of the shadowland to behold Your unfolding glory in a world that aches for Your presence. Lift me higher than I am capable of desiring. Fill me fuller than I am capable of imagining. Come Lord in power and might. Vanquish the evil one along with all traces of his mutiny.

But until that day may the sweet aroma of Your life in me awaken the senses of dead men as You assemble Your glorious bodying and fit it for the new Eden.

Today, O Lord, may Your kingdom come and may Your will be done.


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