This day eerily has the same kind of feel as a day in which you are waiting for a sick friend to breathe he’s last breathe. Our beloved republic which was born on blood drenched fields and framed by men of conimagesviction and service now hangs in the balance. The naive might charge me with being melodramatic but the nation of me
n like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr. and Ronald Reagan is even now only a faint memory and if the truth be known in the minds of most not even the memory exist anymore. We’ve become a nation that stands and cheers repugnant, vulgar entertainers but sits when our national anthem is played. Babies are murdered each day and legislators and justices make and redefine laws to protect those who participate in the slaughter. We are a nation that calls good evil and evil good. Those who have a mind to work are oppressively taxed while those who refuse to work enjoy government supplied cell phones and free lunches.

Even as I write this people are lining up in polling places around the country preparing to cast their lot for a person who will become the leader of the United States of America. I also will vote today because men for generations have shed their blood in order that I might cast a vote today.  But I must admit I have never been less optimistic than I am in this moment that there is any life remaining in our once great nation. Regardless of the outcome of this election today the very options before us are indicative of a society that has lost its way and like Israel we demand a king like us rather than submit to the authority of the God who gave us life.

Today my children will say the pledge of allegiance and then they will accompany me to a voting booth where I will vote for a person who I have no confidence in to lead a nation I deeply love. But don’t mistake my pessimism for hopelessness. I am a patriot who would give my life for my country but the Bible offers perspective that must be heeded by every follower of Christ. I am a resident of the United States of America and my red, white and blue roots run deep. But I am citizen of a “better country.” I am living as an “alien” in a “foreign land” that becomes more foreign to me by the day. And like Abraham I am “looking for the city whose builder and maker is God” (Hebrews 11:9-10). The same city which Abraham saw by faith, I still long for today. He desired “a better country” and so do I. Not just any country but “a heavenly one” which speaks to the quality of the land not to its location. The Apostle John caught a glimpse of this city as he peered into the future and “saw the holy city coming down out of heaven” (Revelation 21:2). Neither of the candidates on the ballet today will create anything more or less than a man-centered regime in which they become the power brokers for a brief moment in history.

The only election in my true country was held before the world was made and the only ballet cast was submitted by the Maker of the world when He chose a people to represent Him in His creation. Presently, He is “making all things new” and one day He will come to dwell among His chosen people in the world He created for His own glory and in that day Obama, Clinton, Trump and all of humanity will bow down before Him. And finally it will come to pass that “His glory will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14). I will cast a vote today but the one that matters most has already been cast. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus.


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