We are seeking to create a culture where families and individuals can build meaningful relationships which are shaped by God’s word while getting to know God more intimately by studying the Bible together. As this happens, this growing family will naturally and intentionally begin to serve their communities and cities in ways which have never been considered before. The Bible calls this family a community, a fellowship, a kingdom and most commonly a church. Tradition and empty ritual can’t define it. Taste and personal preferences must not define it. The Bible, alone defines the church and its mission. What would happen if a group of passionate followers of Christ were more committed to the mission of God than we often are to developing polished, weekly worship events that are more focused on man than God?

Though we are not interested in gathering a group of church members who are unsatisfied in their present church, we recognize that in this early stage we need partners who long to see the gospel impact their communities through a more simple, authentic expression of the gospel. We are praying for 3 or 4 families who feel called to multiply missional communities across the upstate through disciple making where we already are. This video and the one in the left column clearly communicate our vision for Anderson, but our vision is not for Anderson alone. Our passion is to see missional communities (not satellite campuses) planted across the nation and world for the glory of Christ.

Please pray with us and know that I welcome the opportunity to enter dialogue with you about this vision. Please take a few moments to view these very important videos and I look forward to your comments.


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