Rev 21:5

“Behold, I am making all things new.”

Regarding end times, I have never been one of those guys who spent a lot of time focused on prophecy. Rather, I have found that my energies were better spent on the present while leaving the future in the hands of the one who controlled it anyhow. However, in recent months my mind has been marinating in the promises and vision of what awaits those who are in Christ, and it is not an exaggeration to say that my life will never be the same having caught a glimpse of the glorious horizon when I take my place in that day when “there will no longer be any curse.”

This promise of this glorious new world is, however, a future promise. There are pain and tears in our lives and the effects of sin permeate every facSunrise-Behind-the-Mountainset of our existence, reminding the Christian that he is not home yet. But, dawn is breaking now!! With the last breath of Christ from the cross the sun’s rays from a distance land pierced through the darkest night signaling a new and glorious day. Nevertheless, the sun has not fully risen and the day not fully realized until sin’s black night be expelled forever with the return of our victorious King. The question at hand is, how should we now live in light of this glorious reality?

In Revelation 21:5, God spoke to John and proclaimed, “I am making all things new.” My question is, when does that “making all things new” begin? It would be easy to assume that God was merely speaking of the future work of bringing this world to an end and ushering in the new. But that would be a mistake. The word which God used to describe the act of making all things new does not speak of merely future action. It refers to God’s present (in the moment when God spoke to John) and continuing work of making all things new. This includes my life in this day. God is presently making and will continue to make all things new!!

This does not mean that our world is getting better and better. When our judicial system legislates and gives place to immorality and bombs are used to randomly kill innocent people, it is not hard to see that sin and its effects are still very present in our world. In fact, anyone not living under a rock must admit that our world becomes more self consumed and hellbent on eradicating all influence and memory of our Creator. So how can the “making all things new” and the visible spiritual bankruptcy of our world be reconciled?

In my life this very day, by God’s grace, there will be many redemptive moments that point to the work of Christ and are the result of his purpose to “make all things new.” Every time I choose to relate rightly to my wife and children rather than reverting to my old, sinful nature to demand my own rights and comfort, I see again the hand of God redeeming me. When I think His thoughts and choose His way instead of my own, His Spirit has, in that moment, sanctified and redeemed that much more of me. When I serve those around me and love those who hate me and when I give my life to make his name known, I am reminded that such fruit is the result of him “making all things new.” Any time I do ANYTHING which is contrary to my sinful nature, it is the result of the Holy Spirit’s power at work in me. Raising my children to be sold out participants in God’s mission to the nations rather than self-absorbed worshippers of pleasure and money is an example of something that is contrary to my sinful tendency. And If you choose to demonstrate diligence by cutting your grass or taking out the trash rather than lying on your lazy behind, even these become redemptive acts!

Today, I must live my life totally surrendered to the Lordship of Christ and the control of His Spirit. And as I do, he will continue in me and through me the redemptive activity which was introduced to John 2000 years ago.

As my life increasingly bears the evidence of Christ fixing what has been broken, it will point ahead to a day when the world will be restored to its intended glory. Sin and its effects will be gone. Death will die, darkness will flee away and we shall see Him in all His glory and all things will be new! Come quickly.


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