Throughout the nations Chribrazpicstians are beginning to realize that gospel mission has much more to do with the integrating of their lives into the existing rhythms of life around them than it does the use of gospel gimmicks which cheapen the majesty of God and produce no lasting righteous fruit. One of those rhythms which is presenting enormous missional potential is the increased need and desire for English education in Brazil.

For several years now, our family has traveled to parts of Brazil to serve local churches in any way that would be fruitful for the kingdom. Through those travels we have discovered a missional heartbeat among Brazilian congregations and pastors to shine the light of the gospel in their country in order that the dark deceit of religion might be destroyed. We are compelled to join our Brazilian brothers and sisters in Christ as they labor in fields that are ripe for a great harvest but lack the workers necessary to effectively tend the fields.

Brazilians place a great value on education and especially education which involves the inclusion of the English language. For years we have discussed the possibility of starting an English speaking school in Teresina which teaches and models a robust Christian world-view. Not only are there Christian parents who long for such an option to educate their children, but there are also many poor or orphaned children that would never have the opportunity to attend a school of such academic vigor apart from God extending His grace through us to make it possible.

The first week of May I spent in Teresina meeting with business and church leaders to develop a strTesesinaskylineategy to move this dream into the realm of reality. I will return to Teresina in August to continue to take steps to assist in laying the groundwork for this life changing project. In addition to the August trip, we strongly believe that God wants our family to travel together to Teresina in February to serve and participate in a camp that coincides with Carnival. This trip will require God to provide in ways that can only be explained by saying, “God did it.”

Would you please pray for us as our family prepares to be more engaged in ministry in Brazil and also would you commit to praying for Rodrigo and Alessandra Brotto as they serve on the front lines in Teresina?

Help us get the word out to as many people as possible and know that we welcome every opportunity to share with your church or anyone interested about the Teresina work. Be on the lookout in the days to come for more information about what God is doing in this great country.


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