Several years ago, after quite some persuasion, I convinced my dear wife to allow me to begin tearing walls down in my house in an effort to enlarge our space so that we might more easily hosts a larger number of neighbors in our home. What I thought would be a 2 month project was finally completed in 12 months. When I finished, however, I had filled our new space with many new pieces which I had custom built myself like a 9 foot farmhouse table made from Purple Heart and Teak, a new kitchen island, hardwood countertops and a stunning light fixture made from an old timber. Before long people were seeing the work which I had completed and were commissioning me to complete projects for them as well. Today my hobby is quickly turning into a business which I love so much so that construction will soon start on my new 600 square foot wood shop located in Anderson, SC. If you would like to contact me please fill free to email me at worthywalk@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram at @Bellviewwooddesigns. On Facebook you will find our page at @Bellviewwood.